Your Christmas wrapping sets the tone for your holiday. It’s the first impression your gifts get to make! If you really want to put in some effort, a beautifully-wrapped gift can even become a part of your Christmas decor.

These clever do-it-yourself ideas are sure to impress everyone on your Christmas gift list without breaking the bank. Most of them are surprisingly easy to recreate, and a lot of them make use of whatever leftovers you have from decorating other parts of the house.

Cookie Envelopes
When you want to give a gift card, but want to give it that extra special something, nothing feels fancier than Christmas cookies packaged in a festive envelope made of sturdy card stock. Use pretty paper and then seal the whole thing with a sticker.
Brown Paper Packages
Kraft paper is anything but boring: Think of it as a blank canvas for even more Christmas decorations, like mini wreaths, paper trees, and ribbon scraps.
Cookies in a Potato-Chip Can
You’d never know these were once old Pringles packages. A batch of homemade cookies fits perfectly in the wiped-clean container. (Plus, you get to eat all the potato chips beforehand!). Watch tutorial:
Furoshiki Cloth
Furoshiki, the traditional Japanese way of wrapping gifts or personal belongings in special cloth, not only looks pristine — it can be re-used, so it’s green, too.
Get the tutorial on YouTube »
Natural Gift Toppers
Instead of the traditional gift bows, try something a little more seasonal, like pine branches, holly sprigs, pine cones, or kumquats, which really pop against plain brown parcel paper. Bonus: Depending on what you use, you might get a sweet fragrance, too.
Buttoned Up Shirt
Create your own Christmas shirt with plaid ribbon down the center of red paper. Then, use white paper to create the collar and buttons. Add a bow for the finishing touch.
Get the tutorial at How to Decorate.
Mini Boxwood Wreaths
Add a touch of greenery to your gifts with complimentary ribbon and twine to create a naturalistic wreath.
Get the tutorial at A Burst of Beautiful.
Make It Masculine
Thrift store ties and dress shirts are all you need to pull off this trendy menswear gift wrap that’s perfect for the holidays or any time of the year. Just wrap the top of a sturdy box with tie fabric, securing it with fabric glue. Cover the box’s bottom in shirt fabric, securing it in the same fashion.
Paper Feathers
Holiday colors don’t typically include blue, teal, and gold, but the combo looks just right on these DIY feathers. Draw on the metallic accent using a gold leaf pen.
Get the tutorial at Lia Griffith »
Matching Ornaments
Coordinate your gifts with the tree by tying on miniature baubles in the same color scheme. Double up with a soft velvet ribbon in a similar hue.
Peppermint Treats
Plain white paper is the perfect backdrop for something sweet. Top packages with swirl lollipops, drugstore candy, tree cuttings, and ribbon for an elegant (and wallet-friendly) look. Bonus: You can still use the paper after the holidays, for birthdays and other occasions.
Christmas Lights
Add an accent to packages with colorful holiday lights. Hot-glue six bulbs together to form a star shape, then fasten the bauble to a length of ribbon with double-stick tape.
Bow Overload
Rather than slapping on a lonely store-bought sticker, up the impact by covering the entire top of a gift box in monochromatic bows . No one will be the wiser that you finished wrapping it in the car!
Woven Ribbon
Rethink your stockpile of curling ribbon thanks to this simple twist. A flat lattice design can also survive a trip in the mail without getting crushed.
Get the tutorial at The Sweetest Occasion »
Pretty Poofs
A fluffy topper outdoes a bow any day. Go big with an oversized tulle tuft or, grouped in a trio, little pom-poms and some construction paper can turn into a holly sprig.
Get the tutorial at Woman’s Day »

Sources: goodhousekeeping & womansday

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